Thursday, November 6

Rumah Nurhikmah, Kajang.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Dah lame x pergi visit the orphanage. 
I heard occupants makin ramai.
I am happy that AN is having some progress in her mission to do something good to this orphanage.
A bit sad on my part sebab tak buat ape2 sgt. 

The recent thing she did for the kids is to get them to list out things they want eg pencil box, notepad, colour pencils. So she'll buy them using the donated money collected from friends. 
She told me the kids were so happy to see things they asked, they actually get em. 
Macam bila anak mintak barang kat mak la, bile dapat sure happy kan.
Kalau just give the money to the pengetua, probably he will buy things like beras, lauk2 and pay up the bills for the rumah, which tak kasi impact sangat to the kids. Kan? Once in a while kasi directly to the kids the things they want apa salahnya. Asalkan bukan mintak yang bukan2 lah. Afterall, kita nak mendidik, bukan nak merosakkan the kids :)

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QS; 4. AN NISAA’ 36. Sembahlah Allah dan janganlah kamu mempersekutukan-Nya dengan sesuatupun. Dan berbuat baiklah kepada dua orang ibu-bapa, karib-kerabat, anak-anak yatim, orang-orang miskin, tetangga yang dekat dan tetangga yang jauh, dan teman sejawat, ibnu sabil dan hamba sahayamu. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak menyukai orang-orang yang sombong dan membangga-banggakan diri.

Monday, November 3

Feeling Goooood


It's November! A month ++ to go to the year end. Phew! Time flies so fast!!
You know 1 of the sign of Dunia Akhir Zaman is , you can't track time. Time goes by without you even realizing it.
A year seems like a month, a month seems like a week, a week seems like 1 day!!
Let's be better everyone!

On a different note, had a good time mingling with great people today.
May we all be surrounded by positive people everyday insyaAllah. Positive mentally and spiritually :)

Monday, October 27



I have a new business project ; my IIRBAKERY.
At the moment, my main product is the Pasta-Lasagna. I have many more products to make, insyaAllah will buat secepat mungkin. Still figuring out the concept, deco etc.

Many has been asking, IIR tu stands for ape?
Actually IIR is my husband's co-INSPIRE INNOVATION RESOURCES. During the early times we met, I jokingly told him, you buat co for me ke? IIRna :P

It will be our dreams to build the IIR empire. So when I decided to have my own business, he suggested why not IIR Bakery? Buat subsidiary la konon. I said yeah, y not.
The official name is IIR Bakery & Pastry.
If people ask me what IIR stands for, I will say that will be my initials :D

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Here I leave you pictures of my Pasta-Lasagna